Daily News EIC Is Staying Put

0104dailynews.jpgPoint: Over at the Post, Keith J. Kelly is speculating that Martin Dunn would be out as EIC of the Daily News and that Mort Zuckerman wanted to bring Limey Daily Mirror chief Richard Wallace on board. (Note: This being the Post, an unflattering picture of Wallace was used. We’ve met him, he’s a good guy and he does not look like a serial killer in real life. Sorry.)

Counterpoint: Over at Portfolio, Jeff Bercovici spoke to Martin Dunn and it turns out that he has signed a multi-year contract to stay on as EIC. Also, Dunn says that Kelly’s claim that he makes $1.2 million a year is totally wrong and that he makes less.

However, Zuckerman is trying to lure Wallace and other UK newspaper editors over. Why? Per Dunn:

The simple reason is we’ve got some big announcements coming up in first part of this year — major announcements which are going to cause huge amounts of extra work.