Daily News: ‘Bill Cosby, Dead To Us’

"Just imagine the first sentence of his obituary."

The New York Daily News’ editorial board has no love left for Bill Cosby. A headline from the paper’s opinion section reads “Bill Cosby, Dead To Us.

This is a not a bold move, but we’re glad the paper put it so bluntly. There really isn’t any other position to take on Cosby. More than 25 women have accused him of sexual assault. Declaring Cosby “dead” is the least the Daily News can do.

The editorial comes after newly exposed court documents from 2005 revealed that Cosby had admitted to obtaining drugs with the intent of using them on women he wanted to have sex with.

“While the statute of limitations on criminal prosecutions may have expired, his disgrace will live forever,” wrote the Daily News. “Just imagine the first sentence of his obituary.”