The Daily Mail Is Late to the Andrew O’Hehir Star Wars Party

A 'Please Just Die' headline was too good to pass up.

This was big news last week. It started with an item by The Daily Beast senior editor Ben Collins and continued later that same day, Thursday Dec. 17, with an open letter on Salon to Star Wars fans from Andrew O’Hehir, the first “Top Critic” on Rotten Tomatoes to post a rotten review of The Force Awakens.

A week later, The Daily Mail, perhaps in search of a few more Star Wars clicks, has written up the O’Hehir saga. Though the article does mention a pan by a Vatican newspaper critic, the piece glosses over the fact that the Salon writer now has plenty of company at the RT end.

Other Top Critics giving Episode VII a thumbs down: Time’s Stephanie Zacharek; the Toronto Globe and Mail’s Kate Taylor; and Chicago Reader’s J.R. Jones. And although not designated as “Top” on the site, there are other notable critics in the 16 rotten reviews grouping, including Scott Mendelson (Forbes) and Michael Sragow (Film Comment magazine).

The most recent “Rotten” review for Episode VII was added to Rotten Tomatoes Dec. 21 by Ernesto Diezmartinez, a critic with Spain’s Cinema Vertigo.