Daily Mail Outs Banksy as One Mr. Robin Gunningham

The big recent news in the art world is that there has been another great unmasking of the street artist Banksy. The Daily Mail newspaper in the UK did some investigative reporting and found what they believe is the identity of the artist who now fetches millions for his work. According to the paper, his real name is Robin Gunningham and he comes from a relatively normal upbringing, being raised in a middle class neighborhood and had a regular kind of struggling artist life until he became one of the most famous members of his selected field. Personally, to us, the whole thing either all sounds like another clever Banksy hoax or isn’t really very surprising at all (why would a guy who creates government-critical stenciled art have to have some insane background to begin with?). Meanwhile, Francesca Gavin over at the Guardian has reacted to the Mail‘s story, wondering why the paper spends so much time acting shocked to find that the guy has middle-class roots or even if potentially knowing his identity really changes anything about the value of his work.