Daily Mail Claims to Have Discovered Identity of Banksy’s Wife

The UK’s Daily Mail is continuing their crusade to one day unmask famously illusive street artist Banksy. Following their big 2008 announcement that they’d absolutely, positively discovered that he was one Mr. Robin Gunningham and whom they had photo evidence of, in that the man was standing next to some stencils and a bucket, the paper has now purportedly uncovered the identity Banksy’s wife. If they’re to be believed, she’s Ms. Joy Milward, a lobbyist who works for charity organizations with the firm she launched in 2005, Principle Consulting. Like we took their 2008 report on the artist’s true identity (as would appear most of the rest of the world did as well), we’re not entirely convinced. But for what it’s worth, it makes for fun reading. Here’s a passage from a source close to the couple who helped spill the beans:

Some of Joy’s relatives have not been told who her husband is or what he does. Joy does tell people her husband is an artist of some type. She says he does the artwork for cook books and album covers. Banksy has told people he designs the sets for award ceremonies, which explains his frequent absences.