Daily Caller’s Michelle Fields Has Wikipedia Intruder

It’s not so easy being Michelle Fields.

In a day and age when Facebook, Twitter and other aspects of social media are unfortunately linked to a person’s rep, The Daily Caller’s part-time videographer has to cope with a Wikipedia intruder. And when you think nothing of flashing a vast mound of your breasts on national TV, that can become an issue. Mysteriously, Fields’ Wikipedia page keeps getting involuntarily edited to say things she obviously didn’t write. Fields relentlessly keeps an eye on the page and re-edits the unwanted copy, which is quite often. Sifting through the revisions page, it’s a near full-time job to keep her page free of what she likely considers tainted copy, like any mention to this story and her “obvious attempts to show off her cleavage.”

But yesterday, the obvious detractor penetrated her page and got playful about her “tatas.” See if you can find the sentence she didn’t write.

“Michele Fields is an American political journalist. Upon graduating from Pepperdine University in 2011, she gained attention after having an altercation with actor Matt Damon over teacher tenure reform. After the Damon altercation, Fields was hired as a reporter by Tucker Carlson at The Daily Caller. Fields is well known around the District of Columbia for showing off her tatas to anyone who compliments her workshop glasses and tells her how intelligent she is.”

By this morning, the tatas line had been deleted. Read here.