Daily Caller’s Hot Potato Goes After Media

This should make things nice and cozy in the White House Briefing room.

Today The Daily Caller‘s Questioner-in-Chief Neil Munro sets his sights on the press corps, critiquing them for not asking the right questions. Or better said, asking lame questions instead of questioning President Obama about “the meltdown” of his Muslim outreach policy.

Instead, writes Munro, the press squandered its time on “low impact” questions about whether “officials timed today’s announcement of a new lawsuit against Chinese auto part makers to aid the president’s two campaign stops in Ohio.” Other “softballs” according to Munro included: 1. A question about the beautiful weekend weather and President Obama not being out on the golf course and about 2. How the President is monitoring the situation in Afghanistan.

Questions Munro thinks the media should have been addressed… include the Sept. 111 assassinations at the Benghazi consulate, and the Islamic protests in Libya, the Sudan and Tunesia. There were apparently just two questions on the protests. He was annoyed that reporters’ five questions about Israel’s reaction to Iran’s nuclear development program produced no news.

In his critique, Munro makes interesting use of Deputy White House Press Sec. Josh Earnest‘s name.

An excerpt:

Reporters devoted nearly half the gaggle to whether the administration’s announcement was timed to help the president’s same-day speeches in Ohio, a swing state that includes a significant auto industry.

“Of course not,” Earnest said earnestly. “These are decisions that are made that have been months in the making, that are the result of investments that the president has made in ITEC, the Interagency Trade Enforcement Task Force.”

The briefing happened aboard Air Force One en route to campaign stops in Ohio and included cookies from Campaign Spokeswoman Jen Psaki. Not exactly a Rose Garden affair.



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