Daily Caller’s Betsy Rothstein Gets Lit for Interview with Marijuana Consultant

admin-ajax.phpOver the weekend, former FishbowlDC editor turned editor of The Daily Caller’s ‘The Mirror’ Betsy Rothstein posted an interview she conducted – completely stoned – with marijuana industry strategist Aaron Houston.

Three puffs in, from an undisclosed patio within the confines of North America, Rothstein recalls in her piece, “It was all downhill from there. Or uphill. Or sideways. Or upside-down. I can’t quite piece it together, but I’ll try.” Sounds like “Inception.”

The interview accompanied Rothstein’s regular feature of “The Mirror Questionnaire,” a Q&A typically conducted over email on the interviewee’s career and thoughts on Washington along with some satire, and this time around, includes Rothestein’s internal thought process in italics.

I feel like I’m swimming.” “WE BOTH START LAUGHING UNCONTROLLABLY.” “Seeing four of him. WTF? HEEEELLLPPP. His words sound like they’re in a bubble. Trying to understand what the fuck he’s saying.

It’s not until hours after the interview ended that Rothstein describes feeling ‘quasi-normal.’ The following day she received a call from Houston who was ‘laughing’ after she emailed to let him know she survived.

In a follow up piece, Rothstein recount’s a Twitter exchange with the previously unknown Daniel Gilliland Jr., who’s bio states, ‘I grow nutrient dense food that money can’t buy.’ Umm, ok.

Rothstein clarifies in a note to Mr. Gilliland, “I never indicated that I ‘hallucinated,’ nor do I think that’s what happened. Perhaps you hallucinated while reading my story?”

Next up for ‘The Mirror Questionnaire?’ Hopefully one with Gilliland after eating some of his ‘nutrient dense food.’