Daily Caller’s Ballsy Take on Russert

These days, nothing in Washington appears to be untouchable — not even the subject matter of MSNBC’s Luke Russert and his inevitable tie to his late father, Tim Russert. On Wednesday, The Daily Caller went there. To that place that lifts the veil on that quiet, careful talk that goes on way off the record and behind the scenes. Some journalists around town were shocked by it.

Good or bad, kind or unkind, how ballsy was it?

“I always thought Tim Russert was something of a phony,” writes Mark Judge in an Opinion column. “His humility, grounded in his schmaltzy love for his hometown of Buffalo, always seemed excessive — and more than a little dishonest.”

Among the pieces of advice that the ironically-named Judge offers to Luke: “Please Luke, don’t write a book about fathers. The Russert tradition of maudlin odes to the folksy common sense of our silently suffering progenitors has passed. Another Russert volume about the timeless lessons of life, baseball, and living while learning the life lessons dad taught me and there will be a worldwide diabetic coma.”

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