Daily Caller Performs Dramatic Reading of Weiner Sexts

We don’t need to rehash the newest saga of New York mayoral candidate, former congressman and now perpetual sexter Anthony Weiner. We know you’ve got all the details. But… just in case you managed to avoid reading what he actually said to his latest target, The Daily Caller is of course here to help you out, with reporter Patrick Howley.

“The Daily Caller presents its official response to Weiner’s press conference with a reading of some of Weiner’s literary work,” Howley said in a post late last night. What followed was exactly that, a video of him reading Weiner’s sexts. It’s after the jump, and keep in mind as you watch that it’s supposed to be funny, not horribly unsettling.

Howley told FishbowlDC, “We felt that it was only fair that the work of Anthony Weiner receive a proper reading. He’s a true romantic, and hopefully my performance captures that.” Asked if Weiner’s sexts required practice or if it all went smoothly in one take, Howley said, “I think we took two takes. It took me a little bit of practice to be able to start a sentence with ‘My balls…’ All in all, a good use of Tucker’s office.”

The film was directed by the great Daily Caller video reporter Sarah Hofmann. Definitely something to note on her resumé when Hollywood comes calling.

There. You can’t unwatch that, so don’t even try. It’s done.