Daily Caller to Mila Kunis: You’re Not That Hot

Right-wing sites tend to grow abrasive toward famous people who love President Obama. The Daily Caller is striking out at Ashton Kutcher‘s girlfriend and actress Mila Kunis for no apparent reason other than they think she’s not that hot and dispute Esquire naming her Sexiest Woman Alive. They bashed her not for her beliefs and fundraising for Obama but for her lack of hotness by creating a slideshow in which they name “10 People Hotter Than Mila Kunis”and show them in the least amount of clothing possible.

Kunis is reportedly obsessed with politics and watches CNN and MSNBC. She was CNN Wolf Blitzer’s date to April’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Among those hotter the pub says is better looking than Kunis: Salma Hayak, Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie.