Daily Caller Scribes Turn Down Weed

File this under the category of yeah, riiiiight.

In Charlotte covering the Democratic National Convention, Daily Caller reporters Zach Gorelick and Josh Peterson set out to cover the town’s Occupy movement. They saw the activists frolicking in fountains. They heard stories of rampant sex, prematurely born babies and drugs. They were even offered weed during the interview.

As the story reads, “They politely declined.”

We’re not accusing the authors of fibbing. But in a newsroom with few rules and a fully equipped keg, let’s just say we’d be surprised to see them forgo a Hunter S. Thompson-esque experience on the campaign trail.

As Peterson explained it, “Yes, we turned down the weed, but no, it wasn’t tempting. We went in to do a job, which was to photograph and write about Occupy during the conventions without partisan pretenses. We were there every day and night with them in Tampa during the RNC, often marching with them for several hours at a time in both the heat and the rain. By the end of the week they had become very comfortable and candid with us, so by the time we saw them again in Charlotte, we were familiar faces to many of them.”

Read the piece here.