Daily Caller Scribe Tries to Pick Up Meghan McCain

A Daily Caller reporter is trying to get a date with The Daily Beast‘s Meghan McCain, author of Dirty Sexy Politics and daughter to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). In an open letter today to McCain, Daily Caller reporter Jeff Winkler tells McCain why they are a match made in heaven. The headline? “Dear Meghan McCain: I think we’re the perfect hipster-conservatives. How about a date?” Winkler signs his letter, “Waiting with baited breath.”

An excerpt:

First of all, we both love family. Beyond that, both of our families are similar. You describe your mom as a saint; mine was a nun. You have an adopted younger sister; I used to tell my little sis she was adopted. We’re also both, “spawns-of” older, maverick fathers who are brave, opinionated, and don’t take crap from anyone.