Daily Caller Scribe Spends Evening on Shrooms

Chewing gum was an absolute must for Mike Riggs last Thursday night.

The reason? He was shrooming. As he explained it, his breath smelled like “cow sh*t” and he prefers to mask it. But admitting his drug use? No problem. The Daily Caller staff writer and Washington City Paper contributor tweeted about it and discussed it with us at length.

Rigg’s original message on Twitter: “My brother is much younger than me, his girl is much older than me, this band is awesome, these lights are pretty…and I am on drugs.”

Riggs shared vivid memories of the psychedelic evening with FishbowlDC…

> Update: From Daily Caller Spokeswoman Becca Glover Watkins: “The Daily Caller will not enact nanny state policies. Our staff can act as they like out of the office.”

The thing I remember most vividly from that night is this woman telling me that her father once drank blood out of a human skull when they lived in Ohio. She couldn’t recall what kind of blood was in the skull, but we agreed that if it wasn’t human blood, why all the pomp and circumstance? I think she said her Dad was trying to join the Elks Lodge.

Later that night I watched some live country music, while across the street two women wrestled in a tub of chocolate syrup (for charity). And I remember chewing lots of gum, because the freshly harvested psychedelic mushrooms I was eating made my breath smell like cow shit. I also saw a beagle drive a golf cart. I hope this answers your question.

One last question for Riggs: Are you serious about taking the drugs?

His response: “Dead serious.”

We’ve sought comment from Daily Caller management on whether they frown on such behavior. We’ll bring it to you as soon as it becomes possible.