Daily Caller Scribe Scrubs Helen Thomas Photo

Something smells fishy. On his Facebook page last night The Daily Caller‘s typically ballsy Nicholas Ballasy posted a photo of himself posing sweetly with former White House reporter Helen Thomas. The caption said he happened to run into the 92-year-old woman and she offered to buy him drinks.

We know love is blind and sometimes involves strange fetishes. But we thought, isn’t he a little young for her? We put that thought (and others) out of our minds.

FBDC asked Ballasy if he’d tell us more about the encounter (where he saw her, what they canoodled about, whether Thomas smelled like BENGAY, etc.). “She was just being nice by offering because we were talking to her at a hotel bar” Ballasy said.

We asked him to elaborate. “I’ll pass but thanks for the offer,” he said. Then mysteriously, the photograph vanished from his wall.

This is a modern day Helen Thomas mystery.

First we have Thomas offering to buy Ballasy a drink (at a hotel bar). Then he won’t tell us what they discussed. And then the photo disappears. Without making any salacious allegations, we just want to say the coverup is always worse than the affair crime.

We’ve reached out to Ballasy for comment.