Reporter Avoids International Incident in Vietnam

The Daily Caller’s Jamie Weinstein recently took a trip to Vietnam and lived to tell the tale. He wrote ALL about his trip in this latest piece. Sure, there are fancier places to take a vacation, but the excitement of a place like Vietnam cannot be denied. So, I was intrigued to see what shenanigans Weinstein would get into while abroad.

For the most part, it was a tame trip that didn’t really give us anything new or particularly interesting. Anyone who has paid any amount of attention to the area knows that the traffic sucks, there are scooters everywhere and they try to whitewash history. That’s about all we get from Weinstein’s time there. It’s a very touristy vision of Vietnam. I bet he ate at McDonald’s the whole time.

There were a few takeaways from the trip, though…

1. Weinstein might be boring, but he’s not stupid. When he toured the tomb of Ho Chi Minh, he really wanted to flick off the corpse. He thought wiser of the stunt when he saw the armed guards surrounding the body. He did give the bird to a picture of Ho Chi Minh at his hidden war bunker.

2. He went all the way to Vietnam to see a shrine to John McCain’s time as a POW in the Hoa Lo prison. Really? You had to go to Vietnam to get some American culture? Don’t we hear enough about McCain’s military record stateside?

3. Weinstein is afraid of traffic. He sets up the entire piece by complaining about scooters, traffic and crossing the street. It’s a scooter. It’s not a tank.

4. He did introduce us to the term “flying coffin.” There are buses that race around at such breakneck speeds, they are extremely dangerous and moments away from disaster. Thus, the nickname: Flying Coffins. Also, this is what many Washingtonians call the metrorail system.

5. Probably the most interesting part of the story wasn’t even part of it. It’s a piece in the New York Observer that Weinstein links to that recalls when his boss, Tucker Carlson, got stuck in Vietnam.

In the end, Weinstein says that he would recommend a visit to Hanoi. I would also recommend going, just find a better tour guide than Jamie Weinstein.