Daily Caller Blogger Probably Not The Best Flack for MSNBC’s Chris Hayes

The Daily Caller‘s Jim Treacher, who writes their “DC Trawler” column, probably isn’t the best advocate for MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who’s show “All in With Chris Hayes” appears to have hit a teeny snag in ratings.

Treacher answers a less-than-subtle Twitter plea from Hayes, who writes, “If you like what we’re doing (and trying to do) on @allinwithchris, now’s a good time to text or email a friend and tell ’em to watch.”

Treach starts off, “The rest of us can just sit tight, then?”

Can you imagine texting a friend and telling them to watch Hayes’ show? They’d tell me to have my head examined and take up kite flying or synchronized swimming. Not because it’s his show, but because what ordinary person texts about anyone’s cable news show?

Read the rest. Let’s just say chances are low that a muffin summit will transpire anytime soon between Hayes and Treach.

Photoshop by Austin Price. The face belongs to Hayes, the body does not.