Journo Insists He’s Free of Ego

It appears HuffPost senior political reporter Jon Ward has arrived. Where to, we’re unsure. Maybe somewhere pearl-y or heavenly? On any account, any journalist who has to say he checks his ego at the door and that it isn’t about him, well, might it just really be about him? In an inexplicably revealing story in The Daily Caller, his former employer, he opens up about faith, family and a love of baseball.

Among our favorite graphs is this one in response to a question about how Ward stays grounded. “[M]y identity is not based in how many bylines I have. It’s not based on how many times I’ve been on television or how many people see my face or know about me. Of course, writers are driven by ego. Of course, George Orwell said that. My identity, though, is, I’m a sinner saved by grace. That’s my identity.”
This is truly a lovely sentiment. Wouldn’t it be great if… all reporters were suddenly free of ego? And yet, how do you believe it coming from a reporter who somehow landed in Politico Playbook 45 times in 2011? He was the fifth highest of Washington reporters outside the confines of Politico to be mentioned in the feature. So, for example, ABC’s Jake Tapper rolled in at 49, Chuck Todd at 44, and Ward at 45.  This is by the numbers. And what about Ward himself, who once told FishbowlDC that he wouldn’t answer our questions until we started regularly featuring Daily Caller stories in a then-roundup published by the site. This was 2010, so sure, maybe he’s seen some sort of burst of light since then.
Isn’t humility grand?
Read the full story. And please check all egos before reading it.

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