Editor to Take Unknown Leave of Absence

The Daily Caller‘s Executive Editor David Martosko, who largely runs the publication’s newsroom, sent out an odd memo to freelancers yesterday saying that for the rest of June and possibly part of July they should pitch to Deputy Editor Will Rahn (who, for those who aren’t aware, is WSJ Peggy Noonan’s son) and Senior Online Editor Vince Coglianese. The reason? He’s going on medical leave “for a length of time yet to be determined.” He has told members of the staff that the medical issue involves a tumor. He has also told staff that he’d like to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. We don’t believe the two are interrelated but we thought we’d throw that out there.

We wrote Martosko for comment. Here’s what he had to say:

“For the record: My health is none of your business.
Sincerely, David Martosko”

We wish Martosko Godspeed. We’re told the newsroom is being run by Rahn and Coglianese in his absence.

See the letter…

Hi, Daily Caller freelancers —

Just a note to let you know that for the balance of the month of June (and maybe a bit of July) you should pitch freelance articles for The Daily Caller to both Will Rahn (deputy editor) and Vince Coglianese (senior online editor).

I’ll be on vacation for a week beginning Saturday; when I come back, I’ll be taking some medical leave for a length of time yet to be determined.

I’m copying Will and Vince on this message. Please pitch them both, and copy me. They have excellent news judgment.

If you haven’t submitted any stories recently, consider this a friendly nudge. Here is the latest version of our payment terms.

With Every Good Wish,
David Martosko