Daily Bruin Runs Front Page Ad, With Apologies

We thought college newspapers were safe from print media’s financial crisis. We were wrong. Today the Daily Bruin ran a full-page Haagen-Dazs advertising wrap as it’s front page. They also ran an editorial voicing the staff’s displeasure with the situation:

The reality of our financial situation is grim, and the fact of the matter is that we would have been forced to cut thousands of dollars from an ever-tightening budget if we had not run this advertisement.
We were forced to make a decision we find distasteful at best – and dishonest and unethical at worst – because of the ever-present and unrelenting reality of the economy and the downturn of the journalism industry.
Much of our staff, the members of this board especially, are invested in the Daily Bruin and the practice of journalism on a personal level, and nothing pains us more than to see the cover and name of our beloved publication sullied for the sake of survival.

The staff of the Bruin hasn’t even graduated yet, and they’re already growing bitter and frustrated. That’s an education.
Found via LA Observed