Daily Beast’s List of Journos Doesn’t Have That Many Journos

Any list of influential journos that includes Matthew Yglesias and not Matt Taibbi needs an immediate takedown. The Columbia Journalism Review comes through with a piece criticizing Daily Beast writer Tunku Varadarajan’s choices for his recent lists of influential journos from the left and right.

[T]he lists are full of pundits and activists and opinion-pushers of various stripes, and the handful of true journalists who are included have mostly all transcended their humble reporter status to become, well, something more…

The bigger problem is that, by including so few actual reporters, the lists reinforce the notion that the person who chews over what someone else went out and dug up is more valuable than the person who did the original work. That is a sad comment on how journalism is perceived in an era when, we are repeatedly told, anyone can be a journalist-just start a blog and weigh in.

H/T Romenesko