Daily Beast Helpfully Speculates About Obama’s Use of Prescription Meds

Daily Beast reporter Barbara Kantrowitz has been leafing through the White House’s Feb. 28 report on Barack Obama’s first check-up as president. Her investigation has led her to a bit of information just vague enough to play around with: the president is taking “Jet lag/time zone management,” meds under a “direct physician prescribed program, occasional medication use.”

Among the many drugs that could fall under that category, Kantrowitz hones in on Provigil (Wikipedia entry), a stimulant renowned for its fantastic ability to keep its users up for 36-hour stretches. Paydirt! As Gawker’s Alex Pareene notes, Kantrowitz calls this an “intriguing” possibility, and heaps on some doctors’ testimony to help color the reader’s imagination.

Although Kantrowitz acknowledges other, better-known, non-stimulant possibilities, like Ambien (a slightly weird but commonly used sleep aid) and melatonin (an ultra-benign sleep aid), top billing goes to the wackiest of the possibilities, Provigil, thanks to the entertaining if not entirely probable notion that the doctors are getting Obama wired up.

Here’s a link to the White House release on Obama’s medical report.