Dad's Facebook Page Fights Alleged Child Abuse By Ex

A distraught dad has taken his custody battle to Facebook. The New Mexico resident has accused the mother of his two-year-old daughter of child abuse and the graphic pictures that he's posted on the social networking site seem to tell all.

A distraught dad in New Mexico has taken his custody battle to Facebook: he’s accusing the mother of his two-and-a-half year-old daughter of child abuse and the graphic pictures that he’s posted on the social networking site seem to tell all.

Donald Norris and his fiancé set up the Facebook page earlier this month in his daughter Danika’s name, according to the local television station KOB. His page seeks donations for the dad’s legal case to seek full custody of the child.

The page includes numerous photographs of the child’s visibly battered face, covered with bruises and scratches. Norris also alleges that the child was not only beaten while in her mother’s custody but sexually abused as well.

The father claimed to have left his then 18-month-old daughter in the custody of her mother and boyfriend for two weeks late last year. Reportedly, the angry dad picked up Danika at a hospital, after she had been taken there to treat a fracture which he claims was the result of being “jerked around.”

After the first violent incident, Norris said, he filed a police report that included photographs of his child but no attention was given to the case. According to Norris, the child’s mother, who is unidentified, has visitation rights but he is seeking sole custody.

Since Norris decided to wage his custody war publicly, Danika’s Facebook page has thus far garnered 452 supporters. He is requesting monetary assistance in order to hire an attorney to pursue his case. Norris even added a Paypal link for those interested in contributing to his cause.

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office states that the child’s mother has no criminal record. They also confirmed that Norris’ case is awaiting review by the county district attorney.

Fighting for the rights of a child is an admirable cause and a move that is heralded by most. We ‘re glad that Norris is stepping up to the plate and re-emphasizing the importance of good parenting by re-instilling a value system that has gotten lost on far too many.

We’ve embedded a copy of KOB’s coverage of the Facebook page. Please let us know what you think by posting in the comments section.

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