Dad/NBC News Correspondent Peter Alexander Covers Washington Family Magazine

He talks about life as both father and correspondent.

In a June that this year includes both Father’s Day and the continuing [noun of your choice here] that is the 2016 elections, NBC News correspondent Peter Alexander on the cover of Washington Family Magazine provides the requisite political twist to its June Father’s Day issue. Because this year, everything is political. Everything.

In the Q&A inside the magazine, Alexander is asked about his roles both as parent and correspondent, and in a question about how the former has impacted the latter, he mentions avoiding the extremely dangerous assignments, yes, but also how developing greater empathy has helped him:

I’ve probably covered my last warzone for the foreseeable future. As for perspective, juggling work and fatherhood has given me a much greater appreciation for all working parents. Similarly, my ability to empathize has grown dramatically since I became a dad. I feel the stories I’m telling much more deeply, especially about the sacrifices families make for their children.

And if you’re someone who needs at least one mention of Trump in everything you read, he gets a cameo in Alexander’s recollection of a memorable moment on the trail:

At the news conference following Trump’s Michigan primary win, I asked him about an ad highlighting the profanity that sometimes punctuates his rallies and how parents should explain it to their kids. His reply: “Oh, look at you! You’re so politically correct. You’re so beautiful. You’re so perfect. Aren’t you just a perfect young man? Give me a break.”

My wife had that quote put on a pillow.

Read the full piece here.