DA Charles Hynes: I Don’t Regard Bob Herbert’s Attack On Me As Bad Press


”I don’t regard Bob Herbert’s attack on me as bad press,” said Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes, defiantly, on Brian Lehrer’s WNYC program this morning. Hynes called Bob Herbert’s February 16th New York Times Op-Ed which criticized his office for arresting 31 people in Bushwick, Brooklyn, as being ”naive.” The arrests took place on May 21, 2007. Herbert’s column said:

”The youngest person arrested was 13. All of the kids were handcuffed, cursed at and humiliated, and several spent 30 hours or more in jail.

”To date, there has been no evidence produced — no witnesses, no photographs or videotapes, no dented vehicles or broken mirrors, nothing whatsoever — to indicate that any of the youngsters had done anything at all that was wrong.

”How is it that you can have a rampage in broad daylight on a street in New York City and not be able to show in any way that the rampage occurred?

”At least 22 of the 32 people arrested have had their charges dismissed or were never formally charged at all. No one has been convicted of anything.”

When asked by Lehrer if there was evidence of damage to cars, Hynes replied: ”Bob Herbert is not a lawyer … we don’t need evidence. We’re not going to try the case on WNYC.” Hynes also noted that trampling on cars does not necessarily have to result in demonstrable damage.

When questioned later by Lehrer as to whether or not there would be a ”blot” on the records of the arrested (as Bob Herbert implied was the aim of the DA’s Office), he replied, ”Bob Herbert totally misunderstands and it’s unfortunate, because he’s otherwise a bright fellow.”

(image via nytimes)