D. Shuster Gets By With Help From His Softball Friends

Who would still play for a softball team whose network cast him out into the wilderness?
David Shuster is still technically “under contract” from MSNBC. But this weekend he’ll batter up for NBC4. It’s the championship softball game and the team is participating in the media league playoffs.
To any critics Shuster tells FishbowlDC, “I have a feeling they’ve never played organized sports or played in this softball league in particular. I don’t view the softball team as related to my MSNBC circumstances… not even close. And my softball teammates feel the same way. The fact is that I revere the media softball league and I especially revere my NBC softball teammates. We are a close knit group of friends… and that will be the case regardless of my work situation. Furthermore, there is nothing better in sports than having teammates who are also your friends.”
Under league rules, players are grandfathered onto a team even if they’ve left the company, unless their new place of employment is also in the league. In short, Shuster can play.
NBC4 plays the winner between USA Today and Comcast. As Shuster explains, “It’s a double elimination tournament…so, the USA Today/Comcast winner would have to beat us twice to win the championship…we just have to win once.”
Shuster can’t wait. “It’s an honor to play for a 3rd straight media softball league championship — even more so given the teammates I have. There are few things in life as rewarding and special as the friendship and camaraderie on this team.”