D. Shuster Charges Unthinkable: Narcissism in Washington

Ex-MSNBCer David Shuster is getting all fired up this afternoon at USA TODAY Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page for not allowing cameras into the Gridiron dinner this weekend. The weekend marks President Obama’s first time at the dinner. Though cameras have never been allowed in, C-SPAN made another plea this morning and got shut down. Enter Shuster: He’s pissed and charging narcissism.

Like a ferocious bear (featured at right), Shuster attacked Page on Twitter after she said what she has been saying for weeks, that the the dinner is on the record, but cameras are not permitted. “The distinction is illogical and beneath you, Susan,” Shuster snapped at her. In response to a Page defender, he wrote, “You’ve just underscored the narcissism of too many DC reporters. They don’t value transparency as much as their own ego. Sad.”

Earlier, Shuster called the strict guidelines “rank hypocrisy.”  He reasoned, “The Gridiron dinner features government leaders, including the President. It’s not a dinner for Jackie Mason.”

Page had no response to Shuster’s gripes on Twitter, but to FishbowlDC, she said, “We think it’s important that the Gridiron Dinner be on the record, and it is.”