D.C. to Get a Bevy of Abe Lincoln in 2009


And to follow that last batch of politics-meets-design, we thought we’d take this opportunity to do some more. In what we’re hoping is some sort of sign from the heavens, February 12th of next year happens to be the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, just a few short days from when another Jr. Senator from Illinois might possibly hold his inauguration. But we won’t bother you with things like a link talking about the connection between Lincoln and Obama. Instead, we point to this round-up in the Washington Post about the complete Lincolnizing of the Nation’s capitol as part of the city’s just-announced “Living the Legacy: Lincoln in Washington D.C.,” a massive connecting of a number of the city’s historical hot-spots, including the Smithsonian, The Library of Congress, and even then National Museum of Health and Medican, which will show off the actual bullet that killed him. Here’s a bit:

Yesterday, tourism, museum and government officials previewed some of the 80 exhibits, lectures, tours and programs that will be part of the city’s celebration of the Lincoln Bicentennial, “Living the Legacy: Lincoln in Washington DC.”

The preview, at the Smithsonian Institution’s American Art Museum and National Portrait Gallery, was attended by two Lincoln impersonators, who noted that 50 “top hats” from their Association of Lincoln Presenters will be coming to town for their annual convention in April.

Also, as a funny aside, you might remember our post last week about Rick Beard, the director of the Lincoln Library and Museum here in Illinois, being fired after getting caught shoplifting for a second time. Just so happened that the St. Petersburgh Times was sending out a reporter to cover the museum (what what that Obama connection and all). It’s a perfectly fine review, but makes no mention of the place’s one big recent controversy, likely the first it’s had of any kind in decades. It doesn’t even mention that the reporter’s wallet was somehow missing at the end of the tour. Zing! Man, are we ever filled with hilarious yukz or what?