D.C. Real Housewives Party Boasts Drag Queens

Bravo-lebrities (the term for people who wouldn’t be considered celebrities without Bravo putting them on TV) invaded Eden tonight in Northwest D.C. to celebrate the launch of Real Housewife of D.C. Cat Ommanney‘s new book, “Inbox Full.”

Fellow cast members Stacie Scott Turner and Mary Schmidt Amons showed up with their husbands, as did honorary housewife and D.C. stylist Paul Wharton. Lizard Lady Lynda Erkiletian was a no-show, but instead sent her boyfriend, Ebong Eka. Unless, of course, she was slithering around the club, hiding in the shadows.

Amons had three midget-sized ladies who followed her around for much of the evening. She looks six feet tall, so possibly her height dwarfed them. In any case, they finally left her side to get drinks. At which point, another woman swooped in for a picture, but hysteria ensued as her friend dropped the camera and then her drink, which spilled all over the camera. No picture for them.

While the midget trio was distracted, FishbowlDC snagged an interview. Amons said she’d read “Inbox Full” and loved it, and was especially looking forward Cat’s next book, which was written during filming of the show. The cast hasn’t heard about a possible season two of “Real Housewives,” but Amons said their contracts are almost up. Asked if she’d do a second season, she said she’d “consider it.”

What’s a party without drag queens? Four of them. Their attendance was inexplicable. Photographers loved them so much that Ommanney eventually took a microphone and said, “Well, excuse me, it’s my party…Love you drag queens, but it’s my party.” That sassy, sassy Brit.

Just before the book signing, Moki Media co-founder Dannia Hakki took the stage to introduce local Fox reporter Will Thomas, who then introduced Ommanney, who then introduced her father, who then turned the mic over to Wharton, who then promised a lap dance to anyone who bought five copies of “Inbox Full.” And then I left.

Topics of conversation at Eden included Charlie Sheen, Michaele Salahi and her failure to crash this party, and a whole lot of conversations that went: “Nice to meet you!” “No, it’s nice to meet YOU!”

Sadly, the Salahis didn’t make it. They weren’t invited, but as Washington well knows, that’s  never stopped them before.

THE WIVES: Mary, Cat and Stacie. Want more? See the drag queens after the jump…

Photographs (minus the book cover) by Dave Phillipich