D.C. Journo Gets Clobbered on Ted Nugent

File this in the category of “Unstable in Pembroke Pines, Florida.” A Washington journalist received this rant this morning on the topic singer/activist Ted Nugent, who has had some violent things to say as of late regarding President Obama, to the point where the Secret Service wanted to have a little chat.

“So? There is nothing wrong with Romney soliciting a celebrity like Nugent for his campaign. Admit it, you are jealous that Romney got someone like Nugent first. Nugent is cool. And besides what’s wrong with getting medical deferments. My dad bought me a deferment. All it took was a couple grand and a favor or two. Besides it’s better than fleeing to Canada and I didn’t have to burn a draft card. You and your commie faggot botches better notever come to Pembroke Pines because we Shechters own the town and dad and uncle Frank will run you out of here!!!”