Twitter Adds Support For Three More Languages: Greek, Czech And Basque

Twitter has added three more languages to its translation center, bringing the total up to 33 supported languages.

Announced on the Twitter translation blog Monday, the newest three languages to be fully supported across Twitter’s desktop, mobile and help pages are Greek, Czech and Basque.

Twitter established its Translation Center in February 2011, starting out with 7 languages and periodically adding new ones that were translated by the Twitter community. It is a crowdsourced operation, with community members working on translating Twitter’s desktop and mobile apps into the many languages of the world. Since its creation, the Translation Center has brought the total number of languages that Twitter is available in up to 33.

Basque, Czech and Greek were among the most requested languages that Twitter had yet to be translated into.

In order to change language settings, users can visit their account settings and choose a language from the dropdown menu that appears.

A recently prepared infographic took a look at the languages of social media, showing Twitter’s language and country breakdown – the majority of users are English speaking, but a significant number come from Brazil, Japan and Indonesia, and use each country’s respective language in their tweets.

(Languages image via Shutterstock)