Cynthia Rowley Creates Designer Diapers for Procter & Gamble


Fashion designer and “Project Runway” and “Design Star” regular Cynthia Rowley is branching out from her two year old partnership with Target, but still managing to stay close by, with the news that she’s teamed with Procter & Gamble in creating a series of “designer” Pampers diapers, which will be sold exclusively, you guessed it, at Target. Available for purchase sometime in mid-July, and priced around $6 more than the typical kind, there will be eleven Rowley diapers to choose from, all colorful and patterned, described as “including madras, stripes and printed ruffles suited specifically to babies and toddlers” and delivering “the perfect blend of utility and aesthetics.” We’re not sure how this partnership came up, other than the Target connection, or why it would be important to you to have your baby in designer disposable diapers (aren’t we still in a recession?), but there’s the story as it’s come out. Here’s a bit from the press release:

“As a mom, I wanted other moms and dads to have more options in every part of their lives — even diapers,” said Rowley. “It’s the first piece of clothing your baby will ever wear, and it should be special.”

“Of course parents want the very best for their little ones,” said Jodi Allen, Procter & Gamble’s vice president of North America Baby Care. “We also know that sometimes it’s the little things – like how a baby is clothed – that can bring added joy to Mom and Dad. While performance always comes first, we know that design is also import

The title “Vice President of North American Baby Care” just became our favorite thing ever.