Cydle i30 Brings Digital TV To Your iPhone

Cydle i30, a new iPhone case/gadget plans to transform your iPhone into a portable digital TV. The i30 case from Cydle has a built-in speaker and a retractable antenna for ATSC M/H reception, allowing you to watch free, live TV on your iPhone as long as you are within the ATSC signal range.

The i30 fits around the iPhone and attaches to the phone via 30-pin dock connector. The i30 case comes with an internal rechargeable battery that can provide 3 hours of TV viewing capability or alternately it could be used as battery booster for your iPhone.  The portable casing can be charged simultaneously along with the phone through a USB cable connection or a wall charger. In addition to this, a car kit is also available for the i30, which also includes a windshield mount and power adapter, so users can watch TV while driving – although we wont really recommend this.

Cydle’s free MobileTV app is also available on iTunes app store. The app automatically scans for available channels, saving users the nuisance of manually checking which channels are available. With i30 the videos are streamed using WiFi connection. A good thing about the gadget is that it doesn’t require a fast data connection, thus users can can watch TV even in areas with average reception.

Price and release date of the i30 is still under wraps. However, Cydle won the FCC approval for i30 yesterday and this clearly indicates that the launch is imminent.