Cycloramic 2.0 Offers New Photo Option and Hand-Guided Features for iPhone4

Cycloramic is releasing its new app this week, so you can continue to impress your friends with a rotating iPhone that can now take its own hands-free panoramic photos.

Version 2 offers a high definition panoramic photo mode in addition to the original video mode. For iPhone 5 users, this can be done hands-free, as with the video option. Other iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users will be able to use the panoramic photo option in guided mode. Its unique sound and vibration guided system make it so simple to operate, that the user can take a panoramic photo even with their eyes closed!  Ultra fast and accurate stitching produces a seamless result in seconds. Furthermore, the app incorporates a 3D viewer that stores images directly to the phone’s library.

Unfortunately, the new update does not rotate iPhone 4 models but there are users out there experimenting with various hacks to improve the app. Check out this great video on how to make your iPhone 5 spin faster for a more polished video – using tape.