Cy-Fi: Cupp Unbuttons, Bolling Consoles His Self

Where we watch MSNBC’s The Cycle and Fox News’ The Five so you don’t have to…

As the election neared its conclusion, each host on The Cycle predicted how the electoral map would shape up on election day. They all had their own bets going on whose map would end up closest to the results.

S.E. Cupp’s map was the least accurate and the apparent consequence of losing was to unbutton her blazer and show what was going on underneath…

“Let’s see it,” Co-host Krystal Ball said on the show yesterday.

“Okay, this is only going to happen once,” Cupp said. At that, she pulled open her coat to reveal a blouse with a bizarre, MacBook-like photo spread of President Obama imprinted on it.

“Not just one but there’s four Obamas on me,” Cupp said. “One for every new year.”

Meanwhile over at The Five…

Eric Bolling is as Republican as it gets. Which is to say if Obama came out in favor of the Bush tax cuts, Bolling would immediately call for his impeachment.

Understandably, election night didn’t end the way Bolling would have wanted. Republicans failed to oust Obama and even lost seats they thought they would gain in the Senate. It left him in an emotionally dark place.

“I woke up this morning and almost felt like I was trying to take it all in,” he said on the show yesterday. “Where am I? Where am I?! I couldn’t feel. Am I mad? Am I sad?”

After the disorientation wore off, Bolling was able to gain some perspective. “But I realized. I’m a sports guy. It’s like baseball,” he said. “You have a big game coming, you get your butt handed to you. You don’t go and cry. You brush yourself off, you get back up to the plate and you go at it again. That’s what the Republican Party needs to do.”