Cyberattack Suit Against 5W’s Torossian Proceeds

Ronn-Torossian-PicPaging Hamilton Nolan

According to our hometown Daily News, the recent cyber-libel suit filed against 5WPR founder/HuffPo blogger Ronn Torossian—no stranger to news coverage or lawsuits—is “heating up in [New York State Supreme] court.”

(Love the “Ronn is being suedd” lede, BTW.)

New York businessman Dror Zoreff filed the $15 million suit in November, alleging that Torossian “posted false stories on a slew of message boards” calling him various names like fraud, “con artist” , et cetera. Here’s the development the News calls “scorching” via Zoreff attorney Richard G. Haddad:

“On Jan. 7, Torossian agreed in court to stop issuing false and defamatory statements about Mr. Zoreff and to immediately remove from the Internet all false statements.”

Looks like we’re headed for a jury trial. There’s a bit more…

“Zoreff’s suit claims he caught the spin doctor red-handed when the Internet address behind the insults targeting his client was linked to Torossian’s 5W PR firm.”

This all seems to stem from a disagreement over Zoreff’s relationship with Torossian’s mother, with whom he apparently lived for some time:

“Torossian’s attorney claims the family was very generous by including Zoreff in the matriarch’s life insurance settlement and that the suit is an attempt to profit even further.”

Now, we’re not sure if the Daily News refers to all these anonymous “BEWARE shady crook Dror Zoreff” posts on when they write “cyberattack”, but that’s some good SEO right there. You may also notice that they all appeared around the same time in October (the suit was filed on November 18, the day the last post appeared).

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 8.10.35 AM

Torossian often gets more media attention than his own clients, but does this story really fall under “showbiz”, Daily News? And is it more important to your readers than Alec Baldwin’s wife appearing on a magazine cover or your commentary on Miley Cyrus’ “strangely scuzzy tongue?”

Think about it.

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