Update: Cyber Monday Sales Totaled $3.45 Billion, Which Set a New Ecommerce Record

Up 12% year-over-year, per Adobe

Cyber Monday is on track to set a new record with $3.39 billion spent online in the U.S., a 10.2 percent increase year-over-year, according to data released by Adobe tonight. That figure will represent the largest online sales day in history, per the software giant, narrowly edging last week's Black Friday total of $3.34 billion.

UPDATE: Today, Adobe revealed its final Cyber Monday tallies, reporting that there was $3.45 billion spent online, a 12.1 percent year-over-year spike. 

Interestingly, Adobe said that Monday saw slightly less mobile revenue than Black Friday at $1.07 billion. But mobile's sum still represented a 34 percent year-over-year increase.

For the first 28 days of November, Adobe estimated the four-week period drove $39.97 billion in digital sales, a 7.6 percent jump compared to the same period in 2015. Only one day this month failed to generate less than $1 billion in online revenue, the company said. 

Adobe's report is based on aggregated and anonymous data from 23 billion visits to retail websites in the United States. 

Lastly, the five best-selling toys in terms of quantity sold on Cyber Monday, according to Adobe, were Lego sets, Nerfs, Shopkins, Barbies and the Pie Face Game. The five best-selling electronic products by units were Sony's PlayStation 4, Microsoft's Xbox, Samsung's 4K TVs, Apple's iPhone and the Amazon Fire. 

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