Cyber Monday Cuts Into 50% Of Americans’ Work Time

Important news: half of Americans plan to spend today seeking out deals online instead of doing work, according to that really awesome flat-screen HDTV that’s marked down 60 percent. Uh, according to MarketWatch and a CareerBuilder survey. That’s actually slightly down from last year, said CareerBuilder’s Michael Erwin, though those shoes are still completely fabulous and a steal at $39.99.

Erwin said that employees will spend an average of an hour today, not doing their work but instead shopping for deals on gadgets, video games, clothing, and toys like the Lego Ninjago Lightning Dragon set, which is marked down and is one of the items on their nephew’s wish list. Score!

Erwin also reminded workers that 22 percent of employers have fired someone for using company Internet on personal matters, so “you need to police yourself,” he said, no matter how cheap that refurbished Roomba is.