CW’s Supernatural Gets Twitter Trolled in Miraculous Fashion for ‘Queer Baiting’

supernaturalThe CW (formerly known as the WB because initials are good) isn’t exactly known for “quality programming” lately. Back in its heyday, the network was populated with Gilmour Girls, Steve Harvey, the Wayans family (and Jamie Foxx), and Dawson’s Creek.

Today, not so much. One of its breakthrough-ish hits has been Supernatural

So, it’s the summer doldrums and the network is in need of an idea to resurrect its viewing audience and maintain its interest in the show. “Good audience. Good show. Good material. Eureka!”

And then, the network discovered the dark side of Twitter.

That’s the thing about Twitter: If you want virality in social media land, be terribly certain you know your audience. CW learned this lesson the hard way. Oh, its #AskSupernatural idea went viral all right, just not the way they considered because trolls.

According to The Daily Dot, this could not have gone worse for CW executives as fans accused the show’s production of “queer baiting,” “homoerotica,” and a whole bunch of other family friendly viewing situations.

BTW, before you call GLAAD, the phrase “queer baiting” generally refers to when TV shows or movies hint at possible same-sex relationships, generally to appease their LGBT fans, without ever actually developing that relationship on-screen.

You see, the stars of the show have this sexual tension thing. Their names are Dean and Castiel, which fan forums have dubbed Destiel (yeah, we hate that too…Kimye) because of their tendencies to get busy but never do. Nonetheless, this ask our fans thing is really a good idea.

Man, you would think people would have learned when Twitter posed the question #AskRobinThicke.