Customize Your Weather on the iPhone

The top paid weather application for the iPhone has gone and made itself even better. MyWeather Mobile, which earned its title as part of the iTunes App Store’s “Top 100 Apps of 2008,” has added a number of new features in its version 1.3 release.

These updates include the ability to customize maps and use the heads-up display to control terrain settings, overlay, opacity and the play/pause loop as well as the ability to view the time-stamp of the radar and satellite loop in the heads-up display. There’s also a new animated view of satellite with radar.

Additionally, MyWeather Mobile 1.3 features data caching so users can view previously cached weather conditions when not connected to a network and receive an alert when they lose network connection, either cellular or Wi-Fi.

The $9.99 app also added animated radar combined with Microsoft Visual Earth technology, which lets users view weather conditions anywhere in the US. With the phone turned horizontally, users can pinch, flick, zoom and double-tap to take the map down to street level.