The Brand That’s Best At Performing Customer Service On Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

After reviewing more than 40,000 tweets to gauge how well top U.S. brands use Twitter as a customer service channel, leading social customer service platform Conversocial released an insight-packed report titled “Tweet, Email or Call: Which Brands are Re-directing Social Media Complaints to Traditional Channels.”

The report found that 76% of conversations between customers and brands ended completely after the brand suggested the customer switch channels to either email or phone, and 19% of customers said they had already tried the suggested channel or strongly preferred addressing their issue via social media. Not only that, but brands then ignored 42% of customer tweets when the tweeter didn’t want to switch to phone or email.

Additional findings:

-Verizon, J.C. Penney, Bank of America and American Airlines all deflected less than 3% of tweets to traditional customer service channels (Verizon was the best, deflecting just 0.21%)

-Lowes, Delta, T-Mobile and Wells Fargo deflected the most tweets in their industries, with Lowes sending more than 23% of customer inquiry tweets away from social media and back to traditional channels

-Airlines and telecoms companies deflected the fewest tweets on average (2%), while restaurants deflected the most on average (21%)

The infographic below illustrates Conversocial’s findings.

Download the full report for free here.

(Source: Conversocial. Telephone image via Shutterstock.)

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