Curtis Sliwa Versus Jake Tapper


ABC News Senior National Correspondent & Senior Political Correspondent Jake Tapper got into a spot of the old rough and tumble on Curtis Sliwa’s WABC radio program this morning. Sliwa, who has what can only be properly construed as a very combustible, Brooklyn-streets style, had, earlier in the program, made some highly unflattering remarks about Barbara Walters’ age. Tapper, who was apparently on hold during the radio vivisection and heard the remarks, immediately confronted Sliwa when he got on the air:

Tapper: I was invited to discuss inappropriate comments by Reverend Wright … inflammatory … and you’re describing Barbara Walters

Sliwa: — You’ve already scored your points with her.

Oh, it was on like Gray Poupon!

Later, Tapper responded to Sliwa’s repeated insinuations that he was trying to score a View appearance with his defense of Walters, saying, ”I have never been on The View, I’m sure I will never be invited on the View.” After a few minutes calm was restored and the two employees of ABC finally got back on the subject of the 2008 Presidential election. And, in the end:

Sliwa: I want to thank you, we lowered the temperature … say hello to Barbara Walters for me

Tapper: I’ve never spoken to the woman in my life … I just want to say she’s worthy of a better description than the one you’ve given her.”

(image via daylife)