Curtis Sliwa: ”Don Imus Hasn’t Found His Radio Legs Yet”


On last night’s Inside City Hall on NY1, Curtis Sliwa let it be known that he doesn’t think the new Don Imus show is as strong as it could be. The Political Rundown segment featured the former WABC host — Imus, we cannot fail to note, replaced Sliwa — and El Diario’s Gerson Borrero. Dominic Carter asked how Imus was doing, noting, ”I haven’t been listening … I have other things to do.” Gerson said he misses Sliwa (and Ron Kuby) on the air at WABC, ”(Their show) was sometimes stupid … but entertaining.” Sliwa replied, ”Don Imus hasn’t found his radio legs yet.”

Earlier on the show, in protest to the Bloomberg administration’s reintroduction of the Calorie Rule, Sliwa consumed on-air a 1,000 calorie hamburger to the horror of host Dominic Carter and Borrero.

(image via nyradioguide)