Curse of the Were-House: Aardman’s House of Clay Goes Tandoori

Clearly overshadowing the loss of 42,000 Pakistani lives, is leading today with a report that Aardman Animations’ prop warehouse in England was destroyed by fire.

No one important was killed, thank God, but clay models, props and sets from claymation pictures like “Wallace & Gromit” and “Chicken Run” – all made by important film people – were burned up.

Founder Nick Park said that Aardman would now transition out of the claymation movie business and focus on an unexpected new business model that presented itself during the blaze: Kiln-fired clay figurines. Happily, the conflagration which destroyed sets from 2000’s “Chicken Run” will now allow for the sale of several thousand ceramic chickens via a first look deal with the Franklin Mint.

“Finally,” said Park of his the new ceramic poultry line, “A proper home for my junk mail and keys.”


(Above: Several victims of the Aardman blaze in Bristol. Below: The Pompeii-like pose of Wallace.)