Current.TV – Viewer Created Content (VC2)

I think since success of YouTube there is no question that people like user created content. Current.TV is a nice example that in satellite and cable TV this idea can be successful as well. Current TV is on the air since August 1 2005 and about third of the channel is created by viewers who submit their videos.

Current TV

The system how it works is pretty known and simple – users create few minutes long videos and submit them to Then all online community of Current TV is voting for the best stories which later are going to be on TV. You can see Current TV on such cable and satellite channels: DirectTV, Dish Network, Sky Digital, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Charter, Cox, Virgin Media.

I think it is great idea to offer viewers possibility to choose what they want to see on TV. Also TV gets their benefits – viewers will see on their channel what they like so possibility that they stay loyal to TV channel is much higher. And not only that – TV even receive material to broadcast from the viewers – isn’t it great!

If you think that such model generates crap on TV – you are wrong. There is really great videos to watch and many subjects of “pods” is very interesting for me and I think for many of you also. It can be similar to blogs – there is professional content written by journalists and there is simple people who write their thoughts and opinions of different problems. There are many sides of every story and maybe thoughts of guy next door is much closer to my point of view.

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