Currently Employed Jobseekers, Join BeKnown At Your Own Risk

Last week rolled out the BeKnown app for Facebook, which says it can help you do your business networking on the otherwise friends-and-family oriented Facebook. It allows you to “friend” professionals who won’t get access to the rest of your Facebook account, which should in theory keep friends and work separate.

Today we’ve found, thanks to, a serious flaw in the BeKnown app.

While the app appears to keep BeKnown friends from accessing your Facebook profile, it makes no attempt to conceal your new BeKnown profile from your current Facebook friends.

And since many people are already friends with colleagues or (god forbid) their bosses on “regular” Facebook, that means that they’ll be able to see your BeKnown activity—exactly the type of thing we thought this app was designed to prevent.

When you add the app to your account, it automatically (without even giving you a chance to opt out) posts to your wall:

This message in itself is probably innocuous, since most people can probably tell their bosses they were just checking out the hot new app on Facebook, and will probably be believed, but it also proves that BeKnown isn’t as much of a walled garden as it promised.

While LinkedIn has gained a reputation for being a place OK for employed people to have their information, without anyone assuming that jobseeker is planning to jump ship, BeKnown (perhaps because of its association with feels like a place for those trying to leave their jobs. Which can get you fired.

Until we hear from Monster, we suggest that currently-employed jobseekers use this app at their own risk.