Current TV May Want to Examine Where They’re Advertising Their Programs

As most of you know, Keith Olbermann debuts tonight on Current TV. There has been a fairly intense buildup to this night. A significant profile in the NYT this past weekend. Countless tweets and stories leading up to Olbermann’s return.

But advertising on Townhall? Short of someone over at Current TV losing their marbles, have they read what Townhall has to say about Olbermann and Current TV? Here’s a brief example by one of their contributing writers, Derek Hunter:

To those of you anxiously awaiting the return of Keith Olbermann to television…I feel sorry for you. BOTH of you. But your wait is nearly over. That’s right, Countdown…to no ratings (borrowed from Mark Levin), er, I mean Countdown with Keith Olbermann makes its debut on Current TV tomorrow night. Never heard of Current TV? You’re not alone. You can usually find it somewhere near the channels that carry local Parks Commission meetings and the unidentifiable language network. Current’s current primetime line-up currently (yeah, I did that on purpose) consists of reruns of movies you didn’t want to watch in the first place, but tomorrow they turn into a “news” network! Of course Countdown is their only nightly show, but Al Gore’s network is on its way! The premiere of Countdown will be preceded by documentaries called “Marijuana Wars” at 6:00, “OxyContin Express” at 7:00 and followed by one called “Gateway to Heroin” at 9:00. Awfully nice of Current TV to bookend Olbermann with information on things you’ll need in order to enjoy their flagship show.