Current TV Launches T-Mobile Sidekick Competition

tmobilesidekick.jpgLots of media deals going down on mobile in the wake of CES. Here’s another: T-Mobile and Current TV are partnering again to challenge viewers of the cable TV network to come up with ads promoting the wireless carrier’s Sidekick cell phone, according to MediaPost:

“The companies previously teamed up on a contest to solicit viewer-created ads promoting T-Mobiles’s Fav 5 campaign. Video Ads were sent in online and winning submissions later aired on Current TV. Viewers will be paid $1,000 if their video is broadcast on the channel,” the report said.

The contest concludes on February 25th, 2008, and is designed to work with the latest T-Mobile Sidekick LX handset.

T-Mobile And Current TV Partner For Promotion [MediaPost]