Current Lists Gingrich’s ’12 Stupidest’ Quotes

It’s impossible to not say something stupid when nearly every waking second of your day is recorded. It comes with the scorched territory of running for public office. But because Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich‘s chances of winning the nomination are even slimmer after only winning one state (his native Georgia) on Super Tuesday, Current TV has paid homage to the candidate by listing the “12 stupidest things he said during his campaign.”

Frankly, the list is weak. While some quotes really are stupid on their face, others aren’t and Current offers no explanation as to why they made the list.

Here are the ones that really are stupid…

1. “I am going to be the nominee.” This is stupid because Gingrich said this before there was a single primary. And look at him now. Of course, every candidate believes he or she will win the race they’re in, but it’s not good for managing expectations.

2. “The best economic adviser I’ll have is me.” Gingrich’s educational background is in history. His professional background is in government and politics. Nowhere do you see anything about economics. That isn’t to say he doesn’t know general economics. But I know the general rules of football. That doesn’t mean I should be playing quarterback in the NFL.

That’s it. Two out of the twelve are face value stupid. The rest are just Newt being Newt. Which is to say flippant and, to use a Newt word, grandiose.

Read the full list here.