After a weekend of non-stop OMG OMG OMG WHCA DINNER OMG OMG OMG conversation, it’s only fair and balanced to take a look what some others think of the hoopla.

From ABCNews’ online video feature, “The Green Room” (under BROADCAST PLUS, click on “Video: THE GREEN ROOM: Hell No, George Will Won’t Go”):

George Will, on why he doesn’t attend the dinner: “There are some treats that are better in anticipation.”

On Clooney: “Clooney is a pretty fellow but be doesn’t matter a patch about anything.”

Fareed Zakaria, on the parties: “It’s completely underwhelming. You sit there with a cocktail and ask ‘Why am I here?’ I have two kids at home I should be at home with them.”

Aww….did somebody not get the coveted Bloomberg ticket?

And here’s some more photos from Wonkette and from The Extreme Howard Mortman.

Speaking of curmudgeons, see some curmudgeonly online chatters give Howie Kurtz grief for what they see as the Post’s lackluster coverage of Saturday night’s events. We may be bloggers but even we understand evening newspaper deadlines.